Wm. A. Harms: Custom Rod and Gun Michael Simon A Leonard model 37H was at the heart of it all. It was a lovely, lithe 6½-footer crafted by Ted Simroe and discovered amongst a small grove of cane delights at “Beckie’s”— Barry Beck’s fine little anglers’ emporium in Berwick, Pennsylvania ... This handsome model 37H had been a special order and was built with a small cigar grip that gently flowed into a cork reel seat. It was very attractive but I wanted the traditional butternut wood reel seat on my Leonard. Beck assured me he knew just the thing and referred me to his friend Bill Harms who could probably do the desired retrofit for me ... I met Harms the following spring and he turned out to be a very charming and pleasant professor of English literature at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Although Carlisle is famed for its role in the Revolutionary War, I was also aware of the fact that the main reason the town was known outside the Cumberland Valley was because the Letort Spring Run ran through it.


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